Presentations from Engagement University, 2017

Introduction to Enterprise Engagement
Speaker: Bruce Bolger, co-author, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, and author of the recently approved proposal to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the creation of formal engagement standards. This session features an introduction to the definition and process of enterprise engagement.

Coming ISO Engagement Standards: What This Means to You
Speaker: Lee S. Webster, Administrator, ISO 260 US TAG, and Director of Employee Relations at University of Texas
Now that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has formally voted to move forward with the process of creating engagement standards, Webster will explain what that means to organizations throughout the world.

The Distinction Between Brand, Culture and Engagement, and Why it Matters
Speaker: Barbara Porter, Principal, Senn Delaney
Porter will clarify the distinctions between culture, leadership and engagement based on her early leadership in engagement as a contributor to the Enterprise Engagement curriculum, front-line experience in managing call centers for major companies and her consulting work with Ernst & Young and now culture consultant Seen Delaney.

The View From the C-Suite: Why Engagement is Now
Speaker:Steven Goldstein, Chairman of US Auto Sales, Senior Advisor to Alvarez and Marsal, Founder and President of Engaged Leadership Advisors, and author of the recently published book “Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami?” With over thirty-five years of experience working as an operating executive at global Fortune 500 corporations including as Chairman and CEO of American Express Bank) and midsize companies, as well as advising private equity firms and their portfolio companies, Goldstein offers a C-suite perspective on engagement.

Learning and Engagement Best Practices
Speaker: Susan Forgie, Vice President, Customer Experience and Digitalization, Assa Abloy Hospitality, and contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap Forgie will demonstrate how one of the leading providers of security products in the world integrates its training with overall engagement efforts to ensure people can do what’s required to deliver the brand promise and customer experience.

Integrated Communication to Unify the Organization
Speaker: Paul Hebert, Director of Program Design, Creative Group Inc., EEA Social Media Editor, host of Engagement Radio at, and contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap.Today’s organization is often a far-flung community of people working in the office, at home, or at different units. Hebert will discuss how technology and other strategies can make it easier to build a strong, better informed and more cohesive community through effective multi-media communications. He’ll talk about emerging engagement portal technologies and other ways to centralize and align engagement across the organization.

Innovation Strategies that Foster Task Value and Customer Loyalty
Chris Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer, Imaginatik, and contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, and Ira Ozer, Founder, Engagement Partners and a contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap. Innovation strategies are among the most effective way to foster task value among employees and an emotional connection with customers. This leader in innovation will share the latest best practices on innovation program design and implementation to not only continually crowd-source new ideas and identify potential disrupters, but also build a closer bond with your people.

The Analytics Revolution
Laurie Bassi, President, McBassi & Co., founder of the Good Company Index and Engaged Company Stock Index, and contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, and Deborah Weiss, Director, Workforce Science Project, Searle Center on Law, Regulation and Economic Growth, Northwestern University School of Law. McBassi and Weiss will demonstrate how analytics can be used to hire better, design better engagement strategies, document return-on-investment of engagement expenditures and make better investment decisions. McBassi will address the data many organizations already have but fail to fully utilize to manage their people.

Engagement Business Plan Design
Speaker: Bruce Bolger, co-author, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, and author of the recently approved proposal to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the creation of formal engagement standards.This session will focus specifically on how to create a formal engagement process to achieve specific organizational and other goals. The presentation will demonstrate how engagement principles can be applied both to strategic and tactical goals to achieve measurable results.

Preparation for Enterprise Engagement Certification
Speaker: Allan Schweyer, Chairman of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification program and co-author of Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap
This session will prepare attendees for the online test for Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) designation.

The Enterprise Brand—The Convergence of External and Internal Marketing
Speaker: Allan Steinmetz, Founder, Inward Consulting. Steinmetz and his organization were at the leading edge of an enterprise approach to engagement, being one of the first to break off from the advertising and external marketing field to focus on internal engagement across the enterprise. He will talk about the enterprise brand and the convergence of internal and external marketing, based on his background in both areas, explaining how the enterprise brand drives every other business tactic to ensure that promises that get made get delivered, both outside and inside the organization. Steinmetz will discuss how this approach to engagement can disrupt the traditional approach to engagement and rewards and recognition.

2017 People-Centric Awards and Engaged Company Stock Index Update
Speaker: Laurie Bassi, President, McBassi & Co., founder of the Good Company Index and Engaged Company Stock Index, and contributor to Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap Bassi reports on the latest winners of the People Centric Awards and on the results of the Engaged Company Stock Index and the composition of its 2017 portfolio of most-engaged companies.

Presentations from R&R University, 2017

The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards
Speaker: Bruce Bolger, co-author, Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, and author of the recently approved proposal to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the creation of formal engagement standards.
An overview of the implications of 15 years of research on rewards and recognition. It turns out that the majority of rewards and recognition programs overlook key elements of effect program design and implementation, as well as rewards selection, presentation, and customization to maximize the experience.

The Primary Colors of Rewards
Speaker: Paul Herr, Author of Primal Management and Principle of The Horsepower System
In this presentation he will describe the “primary colors” of feelings that designers can incorporate into their reward and recognition masterpieces. Paul’s presentation is based on the four-drive model of employee motivation developed at Harvard, and the productive pleasures (natural highs) associated with these drives.

Maximizing the Reward Experience
Speaker: Melissa Van Dyke, President, The Incentive Research Foundation
This session shares new behavioral models to identify what participants want most from a reward experience. In the industry’s first research project on participant reward desires using advanced research techniques, Van Dyke explores the various practical components that make a reward experience impactful.

Essentials of Program Design
Speaker: Barbara Hendrickson, President, Visible Communications, and Sean Roark, Owner, IncentPros, and Incentive Marketing Association President (both are Certified Professionals of Incentive Management).Research demonstrates that rewards and recognitions work best in the context of a properly designed program. This session will outline the critical best practices and the critical steps involved the design of incentive programs based on the Principles of Results-Based Incentive Program Design upon which the CPIM program is based.

Maximizing the Rewards Experience: Merchandise and Gift Cards
Panelists: Bruce Hollander, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Don Jagoda Associates; Rick Rubin, Executive Vice President of Sales, National Gift Card Group; Mike Donnelly, President, Hinda Incentives; Matt Davies, Founder, CEO of Power House Brands
This session addresses:
New and creative ways to enhance the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation of merchandise and gift card rewards through presentation, customization, personalization.
The benefits and essentials of merchandising rewards in online catalogs.
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Enhancing the Impact of Travel Experiences
Moderator: Bruce Bolger, Enterprise Engagement Alliance Panelists: Sandra Daniel, President, FIRE Light Group, and past Chairperson, Incentive Research Foundation; Brian Kelly, Account Executive, The Creative Group; Marc Matthews, CEO, Pulse Experiential Travel; Bill McCoy, Founder, Imagine Experience; and Amy Carenza, Founder and Chairman, HourExchange. Attendees will learn about unique ways to transform travel into enriching unforgettable experiences, both abroad, in the U.S. and close to home; how the research on experiences gets translated on the ground in a way that often can actually save on program costs. Learn about interesting new products available now or coming soon.
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