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Benefits Enterprise Engagement Redefines Corporate Social Responsibility
Audience About the Book
Key Book Features What Makes Enterprise Engagement New and Different
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About Enterprise Engagement The Authors
Why the Time is Now


Learn about a new formal framework for customer, distributor partner, employee, vendor and community engagement supported by Ernst & Young and many leading companies to help your organization:

  • Increase customer loyalty and referrals
  • Foster the commitment of distributors and agents to sell more
  • Engage employees to deliver high quality service and products
  • Increase talent retention and wellness
  • Build better relations with communities
  • Generate more profits over time


  • CEOs and financial management seeking a more sustainable profit and growth model
  • Management in marketing seeking more effective ways to build customer relationships
  • Sales management seeking better ways to engage the sales force
  • HR management charged with internal branding, talent retention and development, innovation and wellness
  • Operations management seeking new ways to promote safety, quality, productivity,  etc.

Key Book Features

  • Definitions and economic benefits of engagement
  • The inter-relations of customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities
  • The framework for engagement implementation, starting with developing an “enterprise brand”
  • The tactics of engagement and their inter-relationships

Overview of Enterprise Engagement:  The Textbook

Enterprise Engagement:  The Textbook introduces a new path to business prosperity through a strategic focus on people.  Authored and edited by dozens of experts in general management, marketing, sales, data management, business and academia, the book’s methodology has been endorsed by Ernst & Young as a means of achieving both strategic and tactical organizational goals related to sales, marketing, human resources, vendor management, and community relations.

A proven strategy to:

  • Increase long-term profitability
  • Maximize customer loyalty and referrals
  • Capture the commitment of dealers, agents, and distributors
  • Increase sales and improve customer service
  • Maximize quality, productivity, quality, wellness, and more
  • Foster greater prosperity through a focus on people

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook goes on sale Monday, April 7, at $36 per copy for up to five copies. Bulk discounts are available for greater quantities and can be customized for distribution to customers and employees. The first edition is 268 pages.

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook provides formal preparation for the Enterprise Engagement Certification program. Preparation and general learning is also available at Engagement University Online. The textbook is updated at least annually based on incorporated the latest information on each chapter and input generated through the online university.

Click here to preview the introduction, table of contents, and the first two chapters of the book.

About Enterprise Engagement

Enterprise Engagement is a new field that helps organizations maximize performance by addressing the needs of everyone from customers and distribution partners, to employees, vendors, and related communities.

Organizations run this way outperform their competitors in the 3-6 year time frame by up to 300% both in stock market performance and earnings, according to multiple research studies. Why isn’t every company run this way?  Because research indicates that companies with low engagement can outperform everyone in the 1-3 year time frame—until the costs of those short-term strategies come home to roost.

Why The Time is Now

“Despite over 20 years of research and the wisdom of dozens of best-selling authors, most organizations continue to overlook the long-term competitive edge that comes from having a fully engaged audience of customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, and communities,” said Curt Coffman, Chief Science Officer of The Coffman Organization,  and co-author with Marcus Buckingham of “First Break All the Rules,” one of the all-time best selling business books.  “Now is the time to have a textbook that provides organizations with a clear strategy to maximize performance through people.”

Enterprise Engagement is a virtuous capitalism that focuses on profitability through people that will become essential in the era of social media in which customers and talented employees have the power. It is different from traditional marketing and management in that it redefines an organization’s brand to include all of its audiences; seeks to align activities across the organization from customers and distribution partners to all employees, vendors, and related communities;  and integrates traditionally siloed activities such as leadership and coaching, assessment,  communications, learning, collaboration and innovation,  rewards and recognition, analytics,  and more to focus everyone on mutually supported goals.

“Enterprise Engagement is a new field critical to delivering our brand promises. The business leaders, managers, employees and vendor partners who understand the field of Engagement will have the competitive edge,” said Gina Valenti, Vice President, Owners Services, Hilton Worldwide and Vice President, Brand Culture and Internal Messaging, Hampton Hotels.

Enterprise Engagement Redefines Corporate Social Responsibility

Enterprise Engagement is a new approach to Corporate Social Responsibility that starts at home focusing first and foremost on meeting the needs of shareholders by meeting those of the organization’s customers, distribution partners, employees, and vendors.  The traditional definition of Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on helping people outside the organization’s customer and employee base.

About the Book

Based on over 20 years of research from dozens of sources, Enterprise Engagement:  The Textbook provides a comprehensive, research-based desk reference that defines this new approach to business, and outlines the economics.  It addresses the critical audiences, issues, and toolkit involved with fostering the alignment of branding and other activities across the entire organization and everyone who touches it. Enterprise Engagement is not about customer engagement or employee engagement or social media, or smart phone apps, or about loyalty or recognition; it’s about combining these and other platforms and tactics to align an organization’s efforts toward what matters:  continually exceeding the needs of customers.

What Makes Enterprise Engagement New and Different

  • Enterprise Engagement redefines the brand to address the needs of all of an organization’s community, not only customers.
  • Enterprise Engagement is based on having people manage processes, rather than the other way around.
  • Enterprise Engagement breaks through silos to align the interests of everyone involved with the organization.
  • This new field provides a practical tangible way for organizations to succeed that provides a virtuous circle for shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and community.
  • Enterprise Engagement requires a new combination of tools, from assessment and coaching, to all forms of communication, learning, gamification, collaboration and innovation, rewards and recognition, measurement, and more, which will require new skills of upcoming management.
  • Enterprise Engagement reduces costs because it engages people to continually identify and address inefficiencies and conflicts, generates new ideas to improve products and services, and reduces the need for marketing to find new customers or replace lost ones.

Enterprise Engagement:  the textbook draws upon 20 years of research from dozens of sources and the wisdom of some of the great thinkers in management and marketing to provide a formal framework and implementation process for maximizing long-term profitability and growth through people.

Public Speaking, Training, and Consulting Contact

Contact Bruce Bolger at bolger@theeea.org or 914-591-7600, ext. 230 for information on having an author speak at your business meeting or for customized consulting and training for your organization.

The Authors

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook is based on input from faculty advisors representing all areas of engagement and generations in business. Click here for a complete list.