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ISO Engagement Standards Proceed

The first working group for the creation of ISO standards on engagement will officially convene in London May 11 with representatives from about a dozen countries. The EEA is the project leader. The United Kingdom was elected convener and will name a person to assume that role shortly. In the meantime, ISO has already created […]

Engagement University Finding: The Engagement Field Begins to Take Shape

A show-of-hands survey of nearly 200 professionals in a plenary session at Engagement World found that nearly 100 percent believe that engagement is emerging as a field with significant potential, and that a similar number consider the field early stage. Click here to see the presentations from the sessions, outlining how the field is defined, […]

New Customized Analytics Service Available for Incentive, Recognition, Loyalty, Learning and Other Engagement Tactics

EEA member McBassi & Co., which created and manages the ECSI, has launched a customized analytics service for traditional providers of incentive, recognition, loyalty, learning, and other programs. The goal is to identify and analyze data that can provide both prescriptive and predictive analytics in a way that organizations can monetize through better practices.  The […]

New Enterprise Engagement Alliance Certification Gaining Traction

At least one new business professional each week has gained the basic certification for engagement since the new online learning site was launched. Click here for more information. The basic certification demonstrates knowledge of the definition, framework, implementation, etc., of engagement. Higher levels of certification demonstrate knowledge of program design, other training, and experience.

Engaged Company Stock Index Outperforms S&P 500 by 25% Over 4 ½ Years

If you haven’t seen the latest results of the Engaged Company Stock Index or checked out the new portfolio, click here. Anyone who surpasses the S&P 500 by 25% over 4 ½ years with a transparent methodology merits attention, especially with such year-to-year consistency. Engaged companies do better on the stock market